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Ti nisi više san
Ti si suza iz sna
Bossanium moja Bossnium moja
Bolna mi ne bila
Ti privjesak ničiji nisi. Ni čest. Ni prćija.
Bosna si bila. Bosna ćeš biti. Bosna bosanska sva.
Osvajača tvojih silnih tko više i imena zna?
A ti si i dalje Bossana moja Bosna bosanska sva.
Bisseno, Bosseno, Bosno moja.
Tko te svojatao ne bi kad su i voda i ptica i cvijet bivak našli u tebi.
Ginut će za tebe Bošnjak tvoj ma bila pod noktima sva.
Da nikada više
Bolna mi ne budeš
Suzo moja iz sna.

This is why im not down with male westerners. You can’t trust them and their gross fetishes.

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My friend just showed me an article in which creepy tourist is bragging how he managed to “bang his first Bosnian Muslim” and I just wanna throw up. If you want to read, it is here (it describes everything so open only if you can read all that crap)

Ew. I’m so disgusted right now.

I stopped reading after “Also, I want to fuck her in a soviet era block… my little fuck you to Socialism”

all western fuckboys can eat our shit

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2014: thicker eyebrows, fatter ass, more lipstick, bigger hair, more reading and better politics.

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#only 5 months left of 2k14 tho.............................. will be my goals for 2k15 8-) 
Anonymous asked: why do slavs squat so much?



Because sitting on the floor, stone and so on gives you cancer!

Actually if you sit on something cold you can get hemorrhoids.

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Food cooked under a sač is soooo good

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You maybe think these Slav health concerns are funny, but do the experiment:

Walk barefoot on tiles or laminate, don’t wear undershirt, wash your hair, don’t dry it and make sure wind comes from 2 different directions while you are sitting on the cold floor. Let’s see what happens to you and then tell me these are just silly myths.

30 degrees plus celsius and u have to wear a undershirt under your t-shirt and  there is no way you can leave the house if’ you’ve had a shower. dare break the rules and ur mom will make sure to give u a lecture about how you’ll die

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Thank you brate/sestro/druže 8-)

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ISIS marks letter “N” (ن) for “Nasrani” (term for Christian) on Assyrian Christian homes in Mosul [x]

This is beyond terrifying.

 حسبي الله ونعم والوكيل. 

Please as much awareness you have about Gaza, let us not forget Iraq where there is an insurgent group that is wrecking havoc and spreading horror in areas like Mosul.

The Christian, Shiaa, and Assyrian population of Iraq predates any of these lunatics and it’s an outrage they are being targeted.

May God protect them. 

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Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv on a concert, they just wrote on their FB page “STOP THE GENOCIDE AGAINST PALESTINIANS!” The concert was held in Italy. 

Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv on a concert, they just wrote on their FB page “STOP THE GENOCIDE AGAINST PALESTINIANS!” The concert was held in Italy. 

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